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Why Stop Being Selfish?

Why stop being selfish, shortsighted and stupid?

To avoid early extinction and great damage to Earth.

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Story About A Not Too Distant Very, Very Bad Future

To set the tone for this thought piece, let me take you to a not too distant future. An endangered future. When humans will suffer early extinction. Imagine being one who is at the edge of extinction. About to die.

Many other creatures have also been lost to early extinction. Look to see whatever is left of these other creatures. Too few. Far too few. They suffer early extinction. It is not their fault.

Earth has been greatly damaged. The air has carbon dioxide way beyond what is breathable. The water is polluted beyond being drinkable. The oceans and seas have risen way beyond historical levels. Most land is unusable and uninhabitable. Earth has undergone great damage. It is not Earth’s fault.

Almost all humans are dead. Small numbers of humans still alive are dying. Imagine being one who is almost dead. Look around one last time to see who is left. Mostly the non-rich died first. A small number of them lasted a bit longer. The remaining rich are about to die as well. Very soon, all humans will be dead. Extinct. It is the humans’ fault!

Look a final time as human life ends. Mourn. Be frustrated. Angrily ask. Why did this happen?

Fault does not lie with non-human creatures. Fault does not lie with Earth. No, fault lies with humans and only humans. It is our fault. Our failure.

The solemn death march. The final sound of the death rattle. The final angry scream back to humans at an earlier time when humans should and could have saved our world.

“Stop being selfish!”