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How Thrive! Endeavor, you and all of us together, builds a thriving future.


More in book Thrive! - Building Thriving Future

Thrive! Survive! Vulnerable! These are the keys to a call for creating and sustaining large, positive and timely change and building a surviving and thriving future. We are all vulnerable to some extent but that can change for the better.  Thrive! is that call to action and a rallying cry for a better future. It is a vision and a mission for those wanting to build a better future. 

To achieve this vision and succeed with this mission, the Thrive! Endeavor, all of us together, strives to energize and empower people to build a thriving future for our families and friends, communities, countries and world.

To have this future, we need to have it for you and everybody’s family and friends and every community and every country and every part of and our entire world. 

Only all of us together can succeed due to scope (all), level (surviving and thriving), duration (forever) of the challenge.

  • “All of us together” includes individual people, groups of people, private sector organizations and governments.

  • “All of us together”is current and future generations. 

  • “All of us together” is you, and everybody’s family, and every community, and every part of and our world. 

But it starts when we stop being selfish, shortsighted and stupid. When we start behaving in ways that build a suriving and thriving future. That avoid early extinction for humans and many other creatures. That avoid great damage to Earth.