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Thrive! - Manual for Building Thriving Future

For people who want to join with Thrive!, take action and help build a thriving future, Thrive! - Building a Thriving Future is the "manual for positive change".

It is available in paperback from or as a free download here. It was written and donated by Gary "Chris" Christopherson, Founder of Thrive! and viaFuture.

Paperback/Kindle @

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As we look around us in America and the world, much of what is important to us is already broken or endangered, much of it unnecessarily so. Because it is people who have broken much of the world and endangered its future, it is people that can and must fix what is broken and build a survivable and thriving future for all forever. This is our moral imperative.

People’s behavior is the key to creating and sustaining large, positive, and timely change for a thriving future. People’s behavior is what most endangers our future. People’s behavior is also what offers the best chance to change and build a thriving future.

But for transformation and the behavior that brings about that change to occur, people must be motivated and able. Thrive! is the motivating call for action by our leaders, all of us together, and each of us.  viaFuture provides “next generation” strategy and the enabling framework for creating that large, positive, and timely change. While helpful to issues (e.g., health) and subpopulations (e.g., the vulnerable), the framework and strategy are especially helpful for whole communities (including non-geographic populations, towns, cities, counties, states, regions, nations and the whole world).

Four examples demonstrate their use:  HealthePeople - Building a Healthy and Thriving Future, Vulnerable - Vulnerable in America and World (via), Building and Sustaining a Thriving Community, and Building and Sustaining a Thriving Future, the most comprehensive approach.

We are now at a “tipping point” when our future is most endangered and we are most capable. Large, positive and timely change must happen now. Creating and sustaining a thriving future requires understanding that it is we who have broken the present and endangered the future. It is only we, working together that can create and sustain the necessary large, positive and timely change for building a thriving future for all forever.

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